What Is The Responsibilities Of A PCF?

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A PCF is employed to act as the patient’s personal liaison between the interdisciplinary teams and work with a case manager to facilitate care from admission through discharge (Clark, 2011). At any given moment, the PCF is expected to know the details of all of the patients in the unit and is known to all of the assigned patients. Making rounds with the physicians should be a priority to curtail a loss of communication between interdisciplinary teams as well as the patient. While the PCF does not provide direct patient care unless there is a crisis, training and assisting graduate nurses during orientation is expected to transition the new employee to the area (Clark, 2011). The PCF is also held accountable for discharge deadlines, meeting …show more content…
Clear definitions of responsibilities of each member of the group should be provided in writing and will ensure effective staff adherence and performance. The RN should administer more complex care while the CNA provides care more commonly known as Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) (Rhéaume et al, 2015). It should be known that each state’s laws vary when defining the role of a CNA and that deviation from these laws is strictly forbidden. It is the responsibility of the RN and the CNA to know their own scope of practice as the rules are in place to protect the patient. It should also be noted that patients who are able to safely provide care for themselves should be encouraged to do so. All available resources should be utilized in all aspects of care to create an environment that is conducive to high-quality care but also to enable the patient to provide self-care (Rhéaume et al, 2015). A firm understanding of the roles and a strong relationship is crucial in building a firm foundation for the nursing work group to avert conflict and work through a crisis. An experienced liaison from an established facility may be brought in during the early stages of the transformation as an additional resource to aid the members in establishing clear roles and provide suggestions for implanting new …show more content…
Decluttering of work spaces and organizing storage rooms is a priority. Resources must be available and in working order at all times if patient care is to be timely and efficient. Instead of a floor with centralized equipment and supplies, there now needs to be resources available in each of the units. Equipment that is not utilized in the area should be relocated to more appropriate space. Hall et al. (2012) suggests starting in patient rooms in order to standardize supplies and equipment that is frequently used by the RN and the CNA to administer patient care. A medication room should be located on each unit to avoid crowding. The goal of this process is to streamline movements throughout the unit as efficiently as possible. The RN and CNA will be the best resources for determining why and how this transition takes place. A communication board can be placed in a common area to inform all members of changes of the location of equipment and the need for additional supplies or resources. If necessary, individuals that have been assigned to certain tasks should also be listed by name. This will eliminate confusion about who to report to when a need presents itself. Once there is an action plan in place, additional temporary staff may be recruited to relieve the HCP of their typical duties during this time. The

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