Review Of Nicholas Carr's Essay 'Is Google Making USupid?'

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Nicholas Carr, author of the essay “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” argues that, since society is now so used to quick, easy answers, it makes it hard to read long articles. He says that people do not have the attention span or due to the large usage of the internet to find out whatever information that they need. Google is viewed as the internet’s high church, and people find all of the answers to their questions there instead of in books and articles. Google and technology is making it harder as a society to focus for longer periods of time and get quality information.
Scott Karp has noticed that he has been losing his long term focus. Karp was a literature major in college, a very avid book reader, and his job is to write blogs about online media. He states, “I was a lit major in college, and used to be a voracious book reader, what happened?” (as cited in Carr,
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325). If you think about that quote, Brin is saying that we would be better off with artificial intelligence for a brain, instead of our normal biological brain. This idea of having artificial intelligence for a brain is extremely out of the ordinary. Apparently, many, many mathematicians have thought about having artificial intelligence as a brain for some people or possible all. However, they cannot figure out how to put artificial intelligence in your brain or in place of your brain. The idea that brains could be replaced with a machine is a very inhumane idea. Nonetheless, it is still a very plausible one. These upcoming generations are all about achieving goals faster, easier, and more efficiently. This idea of replacing a brain would fit all of those necessities that new generations have Having an artificial intelligence machine for a brain might make everyone more uniform, but we would be able to process everything much

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