Illegal Immigration Statistics

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Noel Merino in his research found that approximately one-fourth of federal prisons in the United States are filled with illegal immigrants, and many more make up the State’s prisons as well. This statistic should really concern United States citizens, especially knowing that there is a constantly increasing number of illegal immigrants that are pouring over the border everyday, as well as not knowing who they are or their background. The United States needs to act on this issue now, and start putting solutions to resolve this extremely important issue. The United States also needs to look into how it will affect the future for the upcoming generations when creating a solution, and make sure it will benefit them and not end up hurting them in …show more content…
A shocking statistic is in Los Angeles in 2008 90% of arrest warrants for homicide were illegal aliens ( Kouri para 8). A stat like the one just stated should concern the American people extremely because of the amount of illegal immigrants roaming the United States that the government knows nothing about. “There are approximately 2.1 million legal or illegal immigrants with criminal convictions living free or behind bars in the U.S., according to ICE 's Secure Communities office ( Zimmerman para 8).” This number is absolutely frightening that these kind of people are in the United States, and not to mention that a decent amount of illegal immigrants with criminal convictions are still roaming free in America. American lives are also being taken by these illegal immigrant citizens as the nation saw in California with the the innocent American citizen Kathryn Steinele losing her life to one of them. Now into the economical side of the cost of the criminal illegal immigrants in America. The national government is suffering from illegal immigrant criminals, but states are carrying most of the burden with the money of American taxpayers. “ American taxpayers paid approximately $1.87 billion to house imprisoned illegal immigrants in fiscal year 2014, and almost all of that financial burden was shouldered by the states, according to a new study of state and federal data (Geherke para 1). This is a waste of American taxpayers money to have to pay for non United States citizens that do not even pay taxes. These tax dollars could be going to things that would benefit the American people such as, education, military, transportation, and so on. The United States can not keep having this unnecessary spending in the country as the country is already falling behind economically in the world. Plus the national government is only reimbursing half of what the cost of the

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