What Is The Importance Of Technology Essay

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Technology is all around us, I’ve learned from an old class I took that technology is even that of a pencil but here, we will be talking about technology like everyone thinks of technology, the phones, computers, and tablets. Technology has advanced and changed for the better (as most would say) every day since human civilization but in the past 30 years or so technology has taken a big turn into our society and has changed our social norms and everyday way of life. Technology has also changed our education field, some would say for the better and others might think of it for the worst.
Technology has changed so much in the last decade. So much that most of our elders can’t keep up with the changes. Today I will be talking about the evolution
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It is crazy to think that one little phone or computer can make us humans behave so differently than before. Our way of life changes a lot and “it’s clear, as well, that none of these changes would have occurred without new technologies helping to break down borders” (Samuels). Advancements with technology continues to change the way we interact with others and portray ourselves and our way of life and social norms will continue to change as long as technology is still around and advances. One example of how our social norms used to be how we all talked on the phone very private weather it was in the phone booth or at home but with the new technology of cell phones it has allowed us to have “a high level of mobility and access, and thus they help us transform any public space into a setting for a private conversation” (Samuels). Technology really has changed us so much that “most of us are plugged in to technologies that, while allowing us to personalize our environment, also effectively isolate us from our neighbors” (Samuels). But is this new technology changing how we act a bad thing or is it just different and …show more content…
Some sources state that “the current explosion of digital technology not only is changing the way we live and communicate but also is rapidly and profoundly altering our brains” (Small) Daily exposure to technology can stimulate our brain cell alteration and strengthen new neural pathways and weaken old ones in our brain. Our brains are “substantially shaped by what we do to it and by the experience of daily life”(Greenfield). Our brains are evolving faster than ever and technology not only influences how we think but it alters how we feel and how we

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