Ballet Dancers Informative Speech

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The lights dim, the orchestra begins to warm up, the rustling of paper can be heard, and then the curtain rises. The performance begins with an overture, a prelude to what will happen. Suddenly, the ballerina appears on stage. She is beautiful and the audience claps for her. At the end of the show, she receives flowers and massive amounts of applause.
Every little girl in the audience wants to be the ballerina on stage that was just seen. How does a little girl fulfill her dream of becoming a professional ballerina? What are the steps she must take in order to be on stage, gaining recognition one day? Ballet dancers take joy in controlling their bodies, but they can only perform difficult steps after many years of training. Normally, dancers
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Being on stage either gives the dancer a love or a hatred for the art. Their enjoyment is not as important as their ability to interpret the dance to the audience. All types of dancing require practice and technique, but probably none require as much as ballet. Ballet dancers seem to ignore the law of gravity as they float through the air in long, slow leaps. They keep perfect balance while they spin, and at times, their feet move so rapidly that the eye can hardly follow the movements. Women often dance on their toes while men lift them up like they were as light as feathers. We may look beautiful and effortless during performances on stage, but behind the scenes, you’ll find us experiencing many …show more content…
A dancer’s final moments in the wing never change, yet somehow they are never the same. The adrenaline rush pushes her to dance differently than she has in any rehearsal. She can feel the friendly admiration each pair of eyes generates, creating an echoing eerie yet energetic silence. The stares permeate the skin and flow into the bloodstream, heart and body. The Grande jetés are more extended, the développés higher, every pirouette quicker, and each port de bras more

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