What Is The Explanation Of-6 Variation Of Combat Compliance?

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Monika Palabindela
POLI 142K Final Exam Paper Prompt #4
Explanation of +6 Variability of Combat Compliance Combat compliance is compliance with commands that entail mortal risk for soldiers on the battlefield. The problem is that there is a variability of compliance that ranges from non-compliance (including mutiny) to compliance and very high compliance (heroic-like) (Magagna Lecture 08/28). This is a special nature because it entails mortal risk to obey a command to attack in collective violence that could put soldiers’ lives in risk. They could fight a weak opponent but the soldiers still have a chance to be killed. Everyone in combat has this sense in the back of their mind that they can die, be paralyzed, or injured (Kindsvatter ). Therefore, there are three explanations of the variability of compliance. They are automaticity, leadership, and the combat contract. To begin with the hypothesis of automaticity is that it explains compliance as a function of automatic behavioral response generated by irrational and instinctive responses (Magagna 09/06). This implies that all forms of compliance should therefore converge towards a single level (mean or
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Firstly, there is the limits of plastic persuasion. Individuals are more likely to comply with ideas that converge with their prior beliefs about the world (Magagna 09/06). Conscripts may be plastic enough to be persuaded but training in military has to align their their preexisting beliefs. Secondly, compliance with authority is not automatic so it must positive inceptives must be applied (Magagna 09/06). Human motivation can lead to non compliance and non compliance. Third, is that there is always a variability about whether people will obey authority. Habituation training may induce a willingness to coerce others but not oneself. Combatants may get over their initial fear of shooting someone but they will be very less likely to be trained to hurt themselves (Magagna

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