What Is The Difference Between The Constitution Pros And Cons

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Founding Fathers Journal
By all means, I did not support the decision made to ratify the United States Constitution. The United States Constitution does not completely serve as beneficial for the people. This national government imposed in the Constitution does not serve to protect the liberties of the people. A government so strong can only seek to control the people in the states’. I oppose the Constitution because it will risk the sovereignty of the states’. I support a strong government that is closer to the people, however, where the people are still allowed self-governance. I fear this government may have the same weakness on the people as Great Britain once did. The Constitution threatens the civil liberties and it will impose a government in which
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The Judicial Review is a dangerous power that takes the form of an oligarchy that I strongly disagree of. The authority of the courts to have the power of reviewing the actions of Congress is dangerous and shall not be decided upon by the courts. It allows for that group to manipulate the system in their hands with what they believe themselves to be right and wrong or considerably constitutional. However, that is all too much for just a few people to have the decision to decide. I oppose this concept because it simply goes against what I seem to believe is the most important idea that must be carried out in all forms of the government which is separation of powers. I support a support a system within the government that allows only for each branch to review and be responsible for their own decisions. The Constitution does allow for one branch to check up on the actions of another, however to allow the judges to simply have the full perspective not only for themselves but for all the other branches as well, I fear will lead to a judicial despotism that will be damaging to us

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