What Is Not Being Prepared To Make Or Break You Essay

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Not Being Prepared Can Make or Break You
Sitting in a classroom at Benton Harbor High School was one of the best dreams a high school student could dream of. Coming to school every day being able to wander in the halls during class time. Also surfing the web on your cell phone in class is pretty relaxing right? Not having to do work daily and just basically doing whatever you want to do. See, I thought I’ve worked hard enough freshman through junior year. Senior year is supposed to be the year you have fun and I had enough credits to graduate already. As a high school graduate entering college, I noticed I wasn’t prepared because of all the time I had wasted during my senior year of high school.
With all the struggles and distractions
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My teachers were too laid back and didn’t tell students about what we were getting ourselves into. I’d never remember in lecture in any of my classes referring to why we needed to prepare for college. Another problem is how high schools have poor teaching. Sometimes schools are so desperate to have teachers, they hire uneducated ones and I understand because if the government found out high schools didn’t have enough teachers they would shut the school down. They could even force the school to be under state regulations. There were times I had to sit in the lunch room because of not having enough teachers or substitutes not showing. This feeling sometimes made me feel unimportant and it was distracting me from getting my …show more content…
Due to procrastination, in college it is impossible to wait until the end of the semester to try and get help. Schouwenburg, a college professor reported that “approximately 70% of college students considered themselves procrastinators, and academic procrastination has been reported across the world.” Extra credit is sometimes good and bad in certain ways. I believe that extra credit gives students the chance to bring their grade up, but in college there’s not really extra credit given depending on the professor. So if teachers constantly give students a chance to apply extra credit, they’re not really learning, they’re just going the easy way out. David Ginsburg, an instructional coach believes that extra credit is usually a disservice to students when it comes to preparing them for future endeavors such as college and work. High school students need to be prepared and have that thought knowing they will not receive extra credit in

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