What Is My Graduation Essay

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College education is challenging. It takes a minimum of four years for someone to be able to acquire a Bachelor degree. One needs four-year dedication and determination and forgoing leisure time. After completing the required courses for a degree program, graduation would naturally follow. I remember my graduation. I have a vivid memory of what happened that day; how I felt in the days leading to that day; how I felt that day and the immediate days afterwards. My graduation ceremony was daunting, exciting. I was riding high on the horse of confidence. I was feeling that that graduation was laying the foundation of my future life.
After long four-year graduation arrived on June 20, 2008. June is the month of graduation for most Ethiopian college students. During that day, the auditorium was packed with crowds of people. Family members, faculty, and junior students were in attendance. My families were among the crowd. Thousands of graduates were lined up wearing the classic black gown and were walking into the auditorium to take their seats. While graduates enter into the auditorium, the crowds were shouting and chanting. They were watching as graduates walk and accept their diplomas. Every one of us were called by name and received our diplomas. Everyone was excited. One could see parents taking pride in the achievements of their
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Rather, my ultimate focus was to pursue my education further. In order to do that a Bachelor degree was a good beginning. While applying for a physician assistant program, I was not expected to take all major science courses, because I had a college degree in science. Rather, I am only expected to take the prerequisite classes. As a result, it has minimized my college expenses and time. Also, the background knowledge which I acquire while studying and working is something which cannot be measured in terms of money or any other

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