What Is My Favorite Place Essay

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The bell rings and the students scatter about and return to their seats. My favorite place to be is with my friends and teachers at school. Many would never say that school would be there favorite place, but I am different. For the past twelve years I have gone to school every day, waking up in the early morning to do so. I came to school each day looking forward to the day ahead. Afterall, anything could happen in a school day. I seen many things in my years at Hempfield and have met many people. All the people I have met in my life has had some impact on my life no matter how small or how big. I learned in classes that were taught, in my opinion, by some of the brightest and best teachers. Sometimes in elementary school I was taught life …show more content…
However, when I was not sitting in detention, me and a group of friends would get together and participate in kick ball games and or football games. I still can remember the feeling of making a long kick or making a great tackle in the field. Those memories I will take with me for the rest of my life. Soon though I would transition into middle school, which was a completely different experience for me. Walking in on the first day and not knowing where to go was a daunting. This would be the first time I had been gone to a different building for school. I would eventually make the transition and I met many new people that I had not seen before. These new friendships I made still exists today. I got into the honors program for both math and science during my middle school years. Those classes were challenging, but that motivated me to do my best and always keep my grades up to compete for the highest GPA in the school. Outside of the classes we participated in many of intramural activities including dodgeball and …show more content…
My middle school days were behind me and it was time to start high school. I took a trip to the high school during middle school and got a tour. It seemed like the school was so big at the time and I worried I would not be able to find my way around the school. I studied maps online during the summer so I would be prepared for the first day. My first class in high school was with Mr. Wuslich in American History. He took a picture of our class to commemorate the first class of our high school lives. Many of good times were had in that class and many great discussions were had. I still consider that to be my favorite class that I had ever took and learned many life lessons. Homeroom became a time I would always look forward to simply because it was a great time and we found out about the latest school happenings. As freshman year ended, I had made many new friends, I experienced many new things, and had great teachers. My last two years I have spent here have been just as memorable. My favorite classes during those times were Chemistry with Mr. Kudrick and Econ with Mr.

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