Argumentative Essay On Standardized Tests

What do you remember from high school? Friends, sports, pep rallies, standardized tests. You wouldn 't normally think of standardized tests when thinking of things you remember from high school, but for many students that struggled with them in high school it is a large part of their high school experience. We should stop using Standardized tests in Texas schools because they have changed the way teachers teach in a detrimental way, have delayed students’ graduations, add unneeded stress to students’ and put a strain on already tight school budgets.
Most of my time in high school was amazing, I was in NJROTC and Orchestra, which kept me busy and helped motivate me to keep my grades up. I didn’t realize it at the time, but we only learned how to take the standardized tests. In my English class during my sophomore year we would have new
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I was a straight A student, was taking advanced classes, participated in extracurricular activities and loved reading in my spare time. During my sophomore year I failed the Mathematics portion of the TAKS test. At first I couldn’t comprehend this, I never had a problem in math and was even scheduled to take Pre-Calculus in the next year . When I came to school my Junior year I picked up my schedule and I realized they had automatically placed me in a remedial math class because of my failing grade! I was so upset I went to the counselor right away to change me back to my Pre-calculus class, when she refused my mom got involved and took it all the way to the school board. So you did not only have to have 26 credits to graduate high school, but now you had to pass a standardized test. To give you an idea of the kind of student I was in high school, my senior class was 458 people and I was number 68 in my class. I don’t think students should be punished because they aren’t good at taking

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