Personal Narrative: My Own Setback

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My Own Setback

I remember it like it was yesterday. Everyone asking me am I alright and trainers around me asking me more questions, let's just say this was my minor setback. Imagine being at the top of your game for the first time in 3 years but as soon as you think everything is good then it all goes down the drain. That's what happened with my injury and I went thru a little phase but I eventually saw the light of the situation. Think of injuries as a minor setback for a major comeback. When I pulled my hamstring I thought it was the end of the world because I have been hurt and I always get better but it's frustrating when you can’t stay healthy for one season. I had a lil depression and lost a lot of confidence for the simple fact that
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I went to Herbert A. Ammons middle school and they didn’t have a track but we made the best of it. I got tendinitis in my hip because we were running on concrete instead of a track. It was really competitive in middle school track, it wasn’t as tough as summer track but it’s on another level. In middle school you are running against 6th-8th graders, doesn’t matter what grade you are in. My 7th grade year I was playing flag football in my p.e class, I went up for the ball, caught it and fell. I went to the doctor and I dislocated my shoulder but it popped back in place when I got up so it was swollen and really hard to move. My 8th grade year I started to have hamstring problems but I thought it was my body psyching me out because I didn't want to run this one race. My parents told me to sit out a while and it got better but I started to hat track for a little because I didn’t feel that joy anymore. Summer track is here and I am running the 400m, when I get out the blocks one of my shoes came off and instead of stopping I kept running. I got 2nd and everyone was surprised I even kept running and everyone checked my foot. I had a blister but it popped while I was running, I was in a little pain so I could walk on it. The strangest thing is that after 3 weeks the blister healed but my foot is still swollen. At this point, I haven’t ran in 3 weeks so I am upset because everybody …show more content…
No not all 50 of the United States, I’m talking about track state championships. Only reason I am so excited is because i finally won the long jump. Freshman and sophomore year i was hurt, so it was difficult to do anything. I broke the school records in the 100m, 200m and Long Jump. Junior year comes around and I get hurt with a minor tear in my hamstring but I didn’t want to give up, like it was very important for me to continue. Being injured a lot does something to you and let’s just say I had my mind focused and really prepared to win first place. It's the day I have to jump at the meet and I was very nervous but my body already knew it was tie to work. It’s time for me to start jumping I have the lead, with my last jump I reached for the sky and when I landed in the sand I knew my season was over. The keeper of the jumps was calling out names and what places everyone got and all I could hear was “In first place is Jazmyn Smith.” I jumped up for joy and my coaches came and gave my the biggest hug I could get. In that moment I felt accomplished and was very proud because I finally got the title I wanted since freshman year. Everything happens for a reason and I felt my injuries freshman and sophomore year were meant for this big moment on the biggest stage. High school is fun and I had a lot of ups and downs but I will be going to a college with a full ride. It was a difficult time but I had family and friends push me to overthink everything. I know for sure

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