What Is Jonny Arevalo Is A Credible Person? Essay

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For many unskilled and undocumented immigrants their only option for a job is to work in a restaurant. They work as hard or even harder than other workers and get half the pay with horrible conditions. This is because most of them do not know English. Many of these restaurant workers excel at what they do, but they get verbally abused by their bosses. In response to this Massachusetts Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health was created. Members of MassCOSH helped identify abusive workplaces to prevent fellow members from working there.
The author of this article on many occasions uses ethos, one example is when the author uses Jonny Arevalo is a believable person because he has "worked at several Boston restaurants, including Bennigan 's, for nine years" this means that Jonny is a credible person because he has worked in the business. Later Jonny says, "Then some other poor guy takes your place." meaning that when your boss then wants to get rid of you to pay someone else less money for the same job you are doing.
Another example of ethos is when the author states that Lawmakers, "reject the demands of the National Restaurant Association, which is largely responsible for Massachusetts ' tripped minimum wage." This means that the author tries to make people believe that the lawmakers are trying to improve Massachusetts ' minimum wage. The lawmakers in this case are the authority appeal because they are the ones who are trying to improve the lives of the people of…

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