Minimum Wage Bungle Analysis

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The main argument of this article is the minimum-wage increase “bungle” in New York. There has been recent talk across the nation about raising the minimum-wage in quick-service restaurants to fifteen dollars. The article specifically talks about New York and how small business owners own and operate all of New York’s Burger King and McDonalds restaurants. This means that they pay a percent of their profits back the company no matter the franchisees makings. The article also covers the topic of what restaurants are willing or not willing to do when it comes to changing the minimum wage. There are many different aspects that are covered when it comes to a business’s willingness to change wages. The article states that reducing profits is one of the big ones, most quick-service restaurants have low profits and they would become even lower when paying higher wages.

The goal of this source is to inform on the changes that could soon be made to minimum-wage regulations in the work place. The article specifically focuses on New York but this movement is occurring
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There are more women managers and owners in the restaurant industry than any other. The main argument of the article is if the gender of a franchise owner or manager affects customer ratings of restaurant appearance and food safety appearance. Restaurant cleanliness plays a huge role in a customer’s perception of the restaurant and its food safety. The study took a closer look at a national chain of QSRs located throughout the United States with both women and men supervisors and managers alone. The data collected showed that women supervisors and managers across the board had better cleanliness and food safety ratings. Having women managers and supervisors also created better service from front line workers. This article also shines light on the fact that women need more roles in these types of

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