The Minimum Wage : How Much Is Too Much? Essay

1510 Words May 23rd, 2016 7 Pages
While reading the article in the New York Times, “The Minimum Wage: How Much Is Too Much?” written by Alan B. Krueger, I was enlightened by his main focus of topic. Stating, “Research suggests that a minimum wage set as high as $12 an hour will do more good that harm for low-wage workers, but a $15-an-hour national minimum wage would put us in uncharted waters, and risk undesirable and unintended consequences.” Krueger gives a different twist on the debated topic of national minimum wage.

Though Krueger uses evidence to back his claims he really focuses on his main point, minimum wage can be set at $12 nation wide but once it reaches $15, we could be in trouble. He explains how more than half the estates, representing 60% of the United States population, have minimum wages that exceed the federal level, and that some cities are look to raise to $15. Krueger explains how in some cites such as New York or Boston, they can set their minimum wage that high, however to set the national wage level at $15 would be a silly mistake. He explains how minimum wage can raise to $12 over the next 5 years without causing a negative effect on America’s employment. Not to mention that with the raise of $12 an hour, American and Britain will be equal in terms of wages. Krueger was very detailed however he managed to stay on the primary issue of raising the wages without exceeding $15. He limited himself to recent studies by economist that prove the government, economy, and…

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