The Minimum Wage How Much Is Too Much Analysis

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While reading the article in the New York Times, “The Minimum Wage: How Much Is Too Much?” written by Alan B. Krueger, I was enlightened by his main focus of topic. Stating, “Research suggests that a minimum wage set as high as $12 an hour will do more good that harm for low-wage workers, but a $15-an-hour national minimum wage would put us in uncharted waters, and risk undesirable and unintended consequences.” Krueger gives a different twist on the debated topic of national minimum wage.

Though Krueger uses evidence to back his claims he really focuses on his main point, minimum wage can be set at $12 nation wide but once it reaches $15, we could be in trouble. He explains how more than half the estates, representing 60% of
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I think that this article in particular bring up even more questions as to why I am a certified lifeguard, I paid $200 to become a certified lifeguard, and I pay $75 every two years to become recertified, and yet I people who are working as cooks or servers at a fast food restaurant feel entitled to almost double what I make. What frustrates me even more is that this article proves that studies show that the minimum wage can be higher, without damaging our current economic status. I think that the reason all these questions and feeling came up while I was reading is because Krueger does such a great job at convincing the reader that he is right. He doesn’t leave any grey area in his claim, he just hands you the facts. He might manipulate the wording a little to persuade you and put the facts on his side, but in doing so he proves a point that no one else has even attempted. I also read an article from USA Today by Jack Quinn, Mike Castle, Steve LaTourette and Connie Morella entitled “Raising the minimum wage is common sense” that also supports the idea that minimum wage should be changed. It argues that minimum wage should increase with inflation. Meaning that instead of $7.25, we should have the national wage to be $10.70. The biggest difference between the two articles is that …show more content…
I noticed that Krueger chose to write about this topic because he has been studying the minimum wage for 25 years. He has been watching its growth periods and patterns. So I think that he chose to write about it because after 7 years of being in a “stalemate” where nothing changed, he wanted to finally share his thoughts and findings. He chose to write to people who work the low-wage jobs, who are barley getting by with their earning because he those are the people who care and deserve to know the truth. I know that this was his primary audience because of the tone and they way he restated his claims several times, knowing that the average person will more than likely not read the entire article, but rather skim and scan through. Being that the article is about minimum wage it seems only fitting it write to those who experience it. His main subject, the national minimum wage, was very evident throughout the article and made for an article that could draw up conversations. I didn’t find any sources however, this was a little troubling to me, but at the same time, in the article and said he had been studying the wage system for 25 year, so after that much time I have trust in him that he knows quite a bit already without other

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