Argumentative Essay On Field Workers

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Immigrant workers come to America in search of a better life. However, when they arrive they are faced with many hardships: inability to speak English, discrimination, and unfair wages in the worst jobs available. Due to earning low wages, immigrants live in unacceptable housing conditions. Because of their illegal status in the United States, immigrants are constantly taken advantage of. In spite of all the pain and suffering, field workers still work very hard to pick the fruits and vegetables American shoppers demand. The legal status of farm laborers should not justify the unfair way they are treated; therefore, illegal laborers should receive fair wages and better working conditions.
Most migrant field workers are undocumented people who come from other countries illegally to work in the United States.
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Farmers are taking advantage of because they realize that they will work for little money. The wages that farm workers are paid is little for the work they perform. Working in the fields requires strength and skill. Most of the work they perform requires carrying heavy loads of produce and repetitive motions cutting the fruits and vegetables. Such hard work should pay more as “The median family income is $13,000 for an indigenous family. Migrants who have just arrived earn about $7.50 an hour, but even workers with many years in the fields still often earn less than $9.00 (Bacon 32). Since migrant workers have no right to public housing, they are forced to live in inhumane living conditions. They often share homes with multiple families in order to save money. These living conditions are not very safe. Some laborers live in their vans because they cannot afford anything better. Others live in shacks without running water, electricity, and bathrooms. No human should be faced with the need to live in these types of

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