Differences In The World Of Electric Vehicles

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The world of cars begun a little over a hundred years ago when “Karl Benz put together a small three-wheel car” since then there has been many advancements. Before we get into the types of cars we have to know what a car is. Many of us refer to a car as a grocery getter but actually and simply it’s an energy converter that energy from a gas tank or battery and puts it to use through mechanical energy which then turns into kinetic energy to move the car from A to B. In the world of automobiles, we have many ways to categorize cars some of them include, the size the shape the cost company manufacturing country and one of the biggest differences is gas electric and hybrid vehicles. Electric vehicles are also called BEVs short for battery electric vehicles. …show more content…
There are many more electric charging stations you can find at gas stations or parking lots. Electric cars do not produce any type of pollution and “can save drivers over $1,000 annually.” On gasoline money. Electric cars also use a system called regenerative braking, which basically regenerates the batteries while braking. A major misconception or dilemma that people have with electric cars is saying that they’re not powerful enough or that they’re slow. This is completely wrong because electric motors generate instant torque unlike gas engines where “torque is relative to the RPMs.” This means that electric powered cars acceleration is very fast. This also gives a much better feel to the ride making it smoother and easier to

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