What Is Authority Comes Responsibility ! When I Joined As Branch Head

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With authority comes responsibility! When I joined as Branch Head, a pressing issue was to increase the sales and reputation of our Small Domestic Appliances division, a new product division launched 2 years back. I had a broader understanding of the issue but to dive deeper, I had a few in depth conversational sessions with the Product Manager and his team in the Branch, Product team at Head Office and our Channel Partners.
Small Domestic Appliances division has five product lines viz. Garment Care, Cooking, Brewing, Food Preparation and Climate Control. This division has a different marketing mix dynamics than Havells traditional electrical products and the level of complexity is high as the mix is different even for the five product lines.
After the two-week extensive conversations and reviews, we understood that the conventional distribution channel for this division was influenced by competition and they were not allowing us to enter. To fix this, different ideas from different team members were welcomed and we brainstormed over these ideas for 3 days to come up with something unique.
I concluded to follow a three layered approach, which I named as ‘Build to Win’ an innovation in the distribution and local promotions approach that would lead to acceptability, growth and sustainability. My strategy was to focus on three aspects starting with the primary and the mass-base ‘direct to customer’ and following a bottom-up approach. Above the mass base, a ‘non-conventional…

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