Takem's Appliances & Electronics Case Study

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The case of Tommy Takem, the owner of Takem’s Appliances & Electronics, LLC against Sally Walker is one of a mistreated sales contract. When Sally Walker purchased the laptop from Takem’s Applicances & Electronics, she entered into a sales contract in which she promised to pay for the laptop. The specific terms of the contract are unknown, as to the price Sally agreed to pay Takem for the laptop, the time period over which the payments would be made, if the contract was written or oral, and so on. It is even unknown whether the contract is even valid at this point. Assuming that at the time Sally purchased the laptop, both she and Takem came to an agreement on all terms, thus entering into a sales contract. The issue is that Sally was unaware …show more content…
Almost all companies sell their products at a markup, that helps to cover the costs of making the product plus a little added to help the company make a profit off the product as well. So the fact that Takem has added a small markup to his products isn’t unethical, but the reasoning behind it is. He marked up the products because he is one of, if not, the only appliance store in that rural area, so he knows that if the people that live there need any appliance of any kind, they will have to come to his store. Also, the fact that most of the people that tend to live in that area are considered uneducated, he could be taking advantage of them by marking up the price of the product because he knows they most likely wouldn’t be comparing prices. This doesn’t apply in the case of Sally Walker, since she seemed to be more educated by the writing of her letter. Based on all the information presented in this paper, Sally does not have any legal grounds to sue Tommy Takem for the contract on the laptop she purchased from him. Takem should reconsider his markup plans and make sure that he is being ethical and fair to all his

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