What Is An Effective Math Lesson Plan? Essay

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What is an Effective Mathematics Lesson Plan?
An effective mathematics lesson plan entails a teacher beginning with opening activities that will activate learner’s prior knowledge of the subject. The teachers will present clearly defined objectives and the reason why students need to learn the lesson. This will help students as well as teachers to concentrate on the important aspects that are implicated within the lesson.
Additionally, teachers should choose problems that promote learning and use strategies that will help students to link the distinctiveness of the problem represented to the mathematical concepts displayed. Mathematics should be fun and engaging. Learners need a hands-on experience with mathematics. Manipulatives are needed to help students explore various activities. Similarly, computerized assistant software is needed to enhance students’ knowledge of the lesson on a daily basis. In this lesson plan, students need to be able to self-assess their work and find out where their weaknesses and strengths lie and collaborate with their peers on which ideas are appropriate in finding the solution to the mathematical concepts (Larson, 2002).
SIOP (Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol) model:
SIOP Model was created to make instructions easy for ELLs (English Language Learners) to understand the material being taught. To add, SIOP model helps the teacher to plainly define what students are expected at the start of the lesson. The perception of the lesson is…

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