What Is A Significant Moment Essay

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Life sometimes takes you down a different path that we don 't understand in that single moment. I was already dreading going to the doctor 's office on this gloomy day because I was nervous to find out if I was ever going to be able to bear children. I had strongly inspired to be a mother, and now it could be gone in a second. Now there was a big chance that it was never going to happen, my fate was in the hands of my faith. The visit with my doctor soon revealed that I would not bear a child. This upsetting situation all is the result of one tragic fall. I was so devastated by this awful news because it crashed my desire of being a mom. Was this the end of my road though? No, it wasn 't, life decided to take me down an unusual path. …show more content…
My daughter was finally born, and she was perfect. I remember the first time I looked at her she just stared into my eyes and just smiled. Wow time quickly flew by and before I knew it; she was in middle school. Life was good as well as we could expect it until we had some bumps in the road again. Down a different path that I didn 't understand in this single moment, and my daughter developed a malfunctioning gallbladder. Doctor went in and did an in/out procedure called ERCP; this was done to try to open her bile duct into her gallbladder early in the morning on December 3, 2008. The whole day was a nightmare. None of the medication was working. I called the doctor on call, and I was told to rush her to the emergency. As we walked in I had to sign papers immediately because I was going to lose my daughter. The nurse explained to me that my daughter had developed an infection called pancreatitis. I was upset because the doctor said it was up to my daughter to fight. Four days had passed, and she still wasn 't responding to the treatments. Finally, I had to prepare to say goodbye to my daughter, because things weren 't looking good for her, and I prayed for her that night to remove the cloud that keeps on hanging over her. Can you imagine crawling and praying on a small hospital bed? The next morning came. I couldn 't believe my eyes; she got up. I heard a sweet voice, "wow mommy those are some strong hands you have," said Janel, "Thank you for praying over me." I was taken back that she had felt my presence, another remarkable

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