Essay about What If I Don 't?

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“I want you to meet me at my loft tomorrow at seven!”
“What if I don’t?” I asked disgusted at the thought.
“Then I guess I would have to have a talk with Bryan.” He chuckled as he pulled me closer towards him. He kissed me on the neck and walked off, leaving me on the dance floor. I looked around as I gathered myself and I noticed Carmon staring at me with a concern look on her face. She stopped dancing with Alex and walked towards me. She pulled me off the dance floor and said,
“Who was that and what was that all about?” I took a deep breath and replied,
“That’s Vaughn!” She pulled me out in the hallway and said,
“Vaughn who, I know not that muthafucka you were with!” All I did was nod my head yes.
“Well what the fuck he doing at my wedding? I know you didn’t invite him!”
“Hell no, you think I’m stupid!”
“Then what’s he doing here?” Carmon roared.
“Some how, he and Bryan met and now their friends. Bryan is who invited him, not me!” Carmon’s bottom jaw dropped when I told her that. I didn’t feel like getting into details on what I was going to do, so I just told her congratulations and that I will call her when they get back from their honeymoon. Chapter Fourteen
Being Blackmailed

Today I suppose to meet Vaughn at his loft. I have been looking at the clock all day. It’s now six thirty and I suppose to get up with Vaughn in thirty minutes. Luckily Bryan is still at work, working on a big murder case. So that gives me a big advantage. I sent Bryan a text that read,

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