What I Thought Phonics? Essay example

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Aha! Paper
Coming into this course, I had many preconceived notions as to how reading what taught and how students responded to this instruction. I thought phonics was the key factor to teaching kids how to read, that nonfiction texts were meant solely for higher level reading, reading assignments were best determined based upon reading level only, answering questions after reading was best for comprehension, and that our current academic system fails to actually teach kids how to read. Throughout the course there have been several instances during class and online sessions that have changed some of these notions. There was also one notion that seemed to be supported during the course.
Primarily, I thought that the best way to teach students how to read was to make sure they had a fundamental understanding of phonics. I thought that the main problem with some schools’ reading programs was that they would shy away from teaching phonics to their students. I also thought programs that teach reading through site words prevent students from being able to decode new words they meet in their readings. While I still think that phonics is highly important to the reading process, I now realize that it is just one piece of the puzzle. According to our online sessions teaching students to decode words does not help them with their reading comprehension, an area many readers struggle to master. Teaching strategies for how to delineate meaning from a text is as important if not more…

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