Essay on What I Learned With My Views

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On May 15, 2015, I interviewed Corinne Phillips. I took notes on what she mentioned then I compared it with my views. There was not much of a big difference with what I want in class, and how I will teach. There were things she mentioned that I agreed with.

There were few things that I 've noticed that the interviewee did not mention during out interview. I want check in on students activity where I will have the students to write a paragraph or two with how they think they are doing, whether if they are learning or if they are struggling. I would want my students to learn about their Mi 'kmaw culture and Mi 'kmaw language to benefit themselves for the future. I want my students to learn through visually and hands on where I will bring material in the class for the students to see and learn from. In my classroom, I would like to have the students to participate on creating the rules with me which I believe will help the students follow them better than when I make them alone. I mentioned that I would like my student 's parents to be part of our classroom as much as possible. I believe it is important to have parents in our class which they will know what is happening in our class and that the students will feel that their parents are more than welcome in our classroom. There were things that the interviewee mentioned that she does in her classroom at daily basis which I did not think of much until she gave me reasons to do so. She mentioned what she wants in the…

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