Personal Economy Benefits

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Personal economy is more important today than it ever was before. Families are spending more and getting less out of it, so it 's important to make every dollar work for you. One thing you don 't want to do is to make hard earned wages and then end up spending them wastefully. Here are eight ways you may be stealing money from your own pocket without realizing it.

Not Paying Bills On Time

If you don 't have enough money to pay your bills, it 's probably time to re-assess how much you earn versus how much you spend. If you do have enough money to pay your bills and you still don 't pay them on time, that 's more a matter of disorganization that costs you in late fees on a monthly basis. Set aside a little time once a week to do this unwanted
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Credit cards are desirable for some purchases, but using them too much has serious pitfalls. Even if you are so conscientious that you always pay your balances in full each month, you can still lose money from such things as changes in terms, delayed processing of payments, shortened grace periods, and other methods some credit card companies use to trick consumers out of their …show more content…
Bulk purchasing is a tried and true method of saving money, but it has to be combined with concise price comparison to be most effective.

Resist the urge to impulse buy at large discount warehouses. Instead, patronize discount warehouses for high quality products they offer at lower prices.

Focusing On Price Alone For Large Purchases

The more a single item costs, the more time should be spent balancing low prices with true product value. Purchasing a new home appliance at a fantastically reduced price may not seem so fantastic when you discover there is no warranty and the unit breaks down in a year or two.

Long term value should always be considered when the item cost is high. Use consumer reviews of brand names and products to find the most value in a high cost purchase. Weigh the initial cost against the durability and expected useful life of the product.

Not Planning For Emergencies

Last minute purchases are always more expensive. This is particularly true when emergencies happen that we are unprepared to

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