What I Learned From The Classroom Essay

1093 Words Dec 18th, 2016 5 Pages
1. For me, the three most important things I learned in this class was to pay more attention to the behaviors obtained and expressed by children, I learned more information on the various ways that a teacher can adapt and accommodate the special needs their students might need in order to be successful in their learning outcomes, and finally I learned how important it is for teachers to take the extra time to learn about the different cultures their students come from, whether it be by participating in cultural events, reading some books, or finding additional ways to immerse themselves in it.
2. To implement the above practices into my classroom, I will be sure to interact constantly with my students and their families, always trying to learn more about them as individuals and their cultural backgrounds. I would want to have meetings with the student’s parents and find out what their goals are for their children in the educational spectrum and find out if their child has had any past or current struggles at school or in the classroom. To implement my students learning disabilities, I would have pictures, videos, pocket charts, instructional computer games and a lot of group work. My goal would be to ensure that the children feel welcomed, engaged, and love coming to class to learn. To help myself become more familiar with my student’s cultural backgrounds, I would have weeks throughout the school year that myself and the students would study a country and bring examples of…

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