My Classroom Philosophy

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Have you ever read Dr. Seuss Oh, the Places You’ll Go? About once a week, I read this book to my three year old. The book describes greatness, and how no matter what as long as you try and give everything you do with your all then success will happen. Mountains will move and the awkward “waiting place” we all experience will continue but without us. Dr. Seuss states, “And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed! (98 and ¾ percent guaranteed.) KID, YOU’LL MOVE MOUNTAINS” (1990, P. 42). Although obstacles my stand in my way, student success will always prevail. My overall classroom philosophy will consist of open communication, fun and inviting environment, and vision of teamwork with students, parents and myself.
As an educator, I believe
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Students in my classroom will understand by being engage with minds on and hands on activities. I want my classroom to be a positive and encouraging place. Where every question is welcome, and where every thought is encourage to be told. I want my students to possess motivation and a positive drive when learning. Test will be based upon what students understand not what students got wrong. Also, my expectations will be clear. As a class, we will create a class vision which will be posted above the door before enter the classroom. I feel students and teachers possess joint responsibility in student behavior, and I will uphold my responsibility by memorizing and following our classroom vision in and out of the classroom. Also, I will work hard to ensure that each and every student is receiving an education they deserve by possessing noble classroom management skills. Thus, my students will possess a clear vision before entering the classroom. Moreover, they will understand my classroom is a place of acceptance, and a place where learning is for …show more content…
I have always felt that teaching was something I could do, and something that came naturally to me. As an educator, my number one priority is students’ success. I want my classroom to possess an environment which is open and inviting. I want my students to understand and embrace their successes academically and personally. I will climb and tackle any or every obstacle placed in between me and that success. In conclusion, my classroom will be a well-oiled learning, acceptance machine. I will communicate clearly about my classroom expectation to both students and parents daily, and I strive to ensure students success by any means necessary. I want my students to succeed, and if we do are best each and every day, success is

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