What I Learned From My Life Essay example

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People learn a lot throughout their lives, everyone had experiences some of them may be good some of them may be bad. One thing is for sure wise people take advantage of those lessons at least that is the way I see it, I have learned so much from my lessons. I have put in practice what I have learned so far and it had helped me out to recognize the value of simple things in life such as family, people around you, the material things you have, and those things that makes your life better and happier.
One of the lessons that impacted my life the most and taught me a lot of things such as to love those around me happened to me when I was nine years old. At age of nine I remember that one of my uncles when on vacations to my mother land I was still living there. Like any other child I was happy to see my uncle who was away, and like every other person on vacation my uncle wanted to go out and have fun. It was on a Friday my uncle gathered all my cousins and took us to the beach we were so happy that we did our shores as fast as we could to go on our trip. Everyone says that the maternal instinct never fails and I think it is true, that day my mother did not wanted to let me go to the trip she even told me that she felt that something bad was going to happen and she was right. Like every other kid I begged her to let me go and so she did, everything was good my cousins and I were having fun in the water. That day I was the older out of all my cousins, my uncle left to a bar to…

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