What I Have Taught On My Faith Essay

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"Our military guys would caution, "Know your enemy!" That 's really the same thing said in a different way. Specifically this says to me that I must know everything I can about my faith first...I mean have a clear understanding of where I stand in Christ as I venture into the muddy waters to learn all I can about Islam. It seems to me this would be the point at which I 'd be the humblest and yet have the greatest confidence in myself because I am equipped with the full armor of God."

Rick offered, "I have taught on the doctrines of Islam since 2005. Every time I do I cannot help but expose the worst about Islam. You see, every time I do this both my students and I are overwhelmed by these doctrines in a very negative way. I did not write these doctrines, I only teach them. I do not believe the reaction of any westerner would be different. I try very hard to be faithful to John 8:32, "You shall know the truth, and the truth will keep you free." It is the Islamic doctrine itself that exposes the worst about Islam and raises the fear level in those who hear it. If I were to be as open with Muslims in discussing their doctrines as I am when discussing them with Christians, I know I 'd most likely offend them and not get very far in our conversation."

He went on, "I cannot change this fact. I know that many people simply call themselves Muslims or Christians to be socially correct but have no real depth of understanding as to their stated faith. It is a sad…

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