Essay about What I Have Learnt During The Module Of Combined Studies

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Using appropriate literature I will be analysing and evaluating on what I have learnt throughout the module of combined studies. In this piece of writing I will focus the knowledge and personal experience gained at this module.
The module is a Foundation of Higher Education Study Skills programme where you get to study a combination of different subjects. I choose this pathway as I found it to be the right route to enter into university.

Awareness of good study practice
I am continually learning new skills each day. However, personally I found revision and note-making as the best source of a good study practice. This is because it allows you to have notes to go through when at home. I am glad that I have gained most of my revision from creating mind mapping on what to include in essay writing or needs to revise for exams.
Furthermore, I developed my writing skills in either reflective writing for academic purposes or projects. My academic writing style it massively improved through the year. By avoiding usage of informal language/English helps to achieve a good academic writing piece ( Hamp-Lyons et al 2006). In conjunction with above, I learnt how to structure a formative piece of work that was clear, logical and concise to intended audience ensuring my point are argumentative and are well understood.

Difficult in learning.
Difficult encountered whilst under taking this module was multi-tasking. This is when was under-going group poster activity and…

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