How Did Mr Koch Use Critical Thinking

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U,S History This year in Mr.Koch class we have been learning how to use critical learning and system thinking. Also cause and effect in Mr.koch class for example in world war 1 we had use critical thinking to see how the U,S got involved in World War 1. The first reason was that the U,S loaned money to Great Britain and France. The second reason is lusitania the ship that killed innocent people and it had cargo in the ship sunk by a german submarine. Third was german submarines would sink any U,S ship without warning.And the fourth was the zimmerman telegram that germany told mexico to attack the U,S. And the effect was the U,S declared war on germany.

We had also learned about Martin luther king Jr and Malcolm x and the similarities of
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And it was that the U,S and the USSR built lots of nuclear arms enough to destroy the Earth. Another important thing we have been learning in Mr.Koch class was that he shows us how to use citation in a project and also how to use citation in a power point project like the 1918 pandemic and what were the causes and the effect of the pandemic. Then we have been learning about the h5n1 disease that is caused by sick chicken or uncooked chickens and the the spanish flu and study the facts and the causes about the disease.We have been studying about the Cuban missile crisis and it was the closest to ever be a nuclear war between the united states and soviet union. We watched a film about it that the us was going to sent an airstrike to destroy the nuclear arms and invade russian before they invade the U,S.We also learned about the space race and how the soviet send the first satellite to outer space but then then they wanted to come down so the United Stated helped them down and then sended a man named Neil Armstrong to the moon and he was the first man to step into the …show more content…
So first you find your research of the the topic you are looking for and you evaluate your believability. When you are evaluating information, you look at the author and where it is published. Government websites, peer reviewed journals, google scholar, and EBSCOHOST are much reliable sources than any other websites. Finally when you evaluate you have to support your writing by proper documentation. This means you have to cite your sources and have to use citation machine to properly cite my sources. I used this technique for many of my essays this year. It is important to use information and literacy in your writing so it would look professional and taken more

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