Essay about What I Have Been On A Cruise And It Was A Explosion

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I have been on a cruise and it was a blast. The reasons it was so fun is because of the food, the people I saw on there, and the sights. The food was amazing; the best part about the food was that it was all free. The food was included when you paid for the cruise. I ate so many grilled cheese sandwiches I was sick. There were also all different types of people on this ship. There were big people, small people, and all different races of people. I have not left my hometown very much and I do not see that many different types of people very often. It was definitely a different experience for me. The sights were amazing; I have never seen such blue water. With the water being so blue it seemed like it made the sky light up brighter. I have never even seen palm trees until I went on the cruise. I saw so many I couldn’t even count them all. The cruise was a great time and it was a great life experience for me. I ate so much food on the cruise ship. The best food was the grilled ham and cheese I had on the boat. I ate so many of them I made myself sick one day. The cooks made them with ham and American cheese toasted on wheat bread. The bread was toasted perfectly for my liking. It was made in buffet style, so there were lines sometimes. When there were lines for the sandwich I would eat pizza. The pizza was also buffet style. The options of pizzas were pepperoni and cheese. I always chose the pepperoni pizza because I like the meat. The pizza was thin crust so I would eat four…

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