Essay about What I Have A Paradigm Shifts Happen?

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I have had plenty of paradigm shifts happen to me. The one that was the worse was when someone lied to me and I never thought that they would. I always thought I could trust this person no matter what but then to find out that they were telling me lies offended me. One thing I never want people to do is lie. It is always better to just be straight forward, things are always worse when you lie. One day after school me and my three best friends where hanging out. We went to Charity house to get ready for the football game that night. As we were all sitting on the bed Alazia said that someone told her where my friend had been the past weekend. I then gained a puzzled look on my face because I remember been told differently than what she had told me. To make sure that I wasn’t going to blame someone for something that wasn’t true I went back and checked my text messages to see if the places had matched. After going through multiple message I finally seen where my friend had said he was. I then took a screenshot of the message and saved it so that I would have proof of what he told me. To continue with what I was told and thoughts I started asking the people that he was with about where they had been. Again they all confirmed what Alazia had said. As we are all sitting on the bed still I started to get distraught at the fact the he lied to me. To make it worse it was how it was something tremendously dumb to lie about. Later on I and the girls continued to get ready for the…

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