Essay What Does You Know?

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“Ok,” she whispered and thought for a moment. “So do you know what other powers I’m going to have?” Scarlett whispered.
Charlie shook his head slightly. “There’s no way to know until you start your training. You will be naturally better at one specific thing and your mutations will most likely follow a course that has to do with that ability. So, if you were extremely good at swimming, then your mutations could range from breathing underwater to manipulating the water," Charlie looked at Scarlett to try to figure out what she was thinking. Her face was completely blank as she stared at the water.
Scarlett stared at her reflection and wondered why she of all people was given these powers. She was different enough as it was. She was living with her aunt, already going to a new school, has a psychotic mother, and now she could heal herself. Great.
Charlie nudged her shoulder lightly. "Hey, don 't freak out about this. There are hundreds of people around the world who are just like you. They will be at the Academy to help you get through this. They’ll know exactly what you’re going through, and you will be considered normal there," Charlie shot her a reassuring smile, but she couldn 't help but glare at him.
"What? No, they won 't! They won 't know what I 'm going through, Charlie! My dad was just murdered right in front of my eyes by a freaking VAMPIRE! My mom is in the loony bin, AND I can heal myself! I will NEVER be considered normal again!" Scarlett 's…

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