Essay on What Does You Get You Through High School?

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Three things to get you through high school If you suck at school or your too shy then read this paper it might help you. In schools these days many kids need help with many things like communication and paying attention. They also need help on how to do these things and how it benefits them. People need help on school and their lives and how to improve on some things. Doing well in high school is one of the most important times of your life because high school is the time where your in transition to your future and three important parts of being successful in life are to be organized to pay attention and to communicate. In many studies scientists say that being more organized helps you releve some stress. Having your things in your backpack the night before helps you not worry about getting your backpack ready in the morning and you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything because you know it’s in their already. Also being organized helps you with studying for tests. Let’s say you’re studying for a math test and you need to find the notes that you took in class that day if you can’t find them then you may not get a good grade on the test. In this case being organized would help you because you would be able to find the notes and study for that test. Statistics say packing your bag the night before school gets you more prepared for school. In the morning many people are always rushing to get their stuff ready and they don’t have time to get ready and they might…

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