Teens Have Downsides

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The article, “Teenagers’ Work Can Have Downsides” written by Jerald G. Bachman, discusses about the upsides and downsides of high school students working. Although Bachman did mention some points that worked for both sides. He included possible negative and positive outcomes from teens working after doing research. Teens should work while in high school because it gives them experience in the working field, teaches them new skills for life, and helps them learn how to handle their responsibilities. Nowadays, many jobs require experience, and once you graduate from college, it is hard getting a job with no experience. Working part-time at a nearby store or even at a fast food chain can work up your experience. Some jobs students may take can help them figure out what they want to do in life. For …show more content…
High school is a crucial time for your education/life, what you do in high school could affect what college you enroll into, and what career path you choose. You can also learn from past experience! If you worked as a tutor, and absolutely hated it, maybe you will figure out that being a teacher is not the way you want to go. By working in high school, it gives you proper experience for any future job/career you might take. On the other hand, working in high school can help you learn many different, and new skills. To parents, teachers, siblings, family, etc., working during high school may seem useless, especially if you come from a financially stable family.On the contrary, working is very useful when it comes to learning new skills. For one, depending on the job, you may have to deal with people and you can develop great communication skills. Communication skills can help you out when you need to present an idea to your colleagues, ask for advice, or even when dealing with customers. Another skill is time management. If you are participating in

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