What Does Reading Mean You? Essay example

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What does reading mean to you? To me, reading is getting your mind to be more active. One can learn new techniques, gain new skills, and enhance their smarts. Growing up, all throughout school, I struggled with reading in more ways than one. I could not keep up, nor could I understand most of what I read. Never did I think I would read a book just for fun, it was like pulling teeth without lidocaine for me to read something that was assigned.
There I was, a high school student who was struggling in class just because my mind was running wild and I couldn’t keep up with the readings. Finally, I had a teacher sit down and do some one on one with me and with lots of practice and help from family and friends, I finally learned some new reading technics. Some reading techniques we learned in school where: •Reread •Activate Prior Knowledge •Use Context Clues •Infer •Think Aloud •Summarize • Locate Key Words •Make Predictions •Visualize •Evaluate Understanding.
There are many other ways to help make reading and understanding what you have read much easier. Always be sure you give the text a chance, I was bad for having the attitude of “how can I read the words, but not understand what it says?” So I just would not read it. If you at least give it a chance you may learn something new and enjoy reading it. Another rule of thumb, be sure to take your time reading. You do not have to be the fastest reader. Take your time and think about what you are reading. Try and engage yourself in…

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