What Does Opportunity Is Education? Essay

935 Words Sep 11th, 2016 4 Pages
Parents strive to make their children’s lives better before they arrive in this world and continue to do that until their last breath. They commit to a plethora of sacrifices for their children that are absolutely unbelievable and overwhelming. As for my lovely parents, they are the perfect candidates because they have given up their completely fine lives to come to America to simply give me and my brother a better and successful life. They did not even think for a second how it could negatively or positively impact their lives as well as my brother’s and mines. More importantly, they just want to give me the opportunity that they would never imagine to get, themselves. That opportunity is education; the chance to be someone great, and to live life with happiness and success. During my arrival to America, I was terrified and bewildered; not being familiar with the environment and the English language made it much more difficult. I did not know what to expect or how to act in a place of the unknown. Everything was completely new for me and my family. For a month or two, we spent most of our time in a one-bedroom motel while my father restlessly spent his days trying to find a job. However, living in a world where communication is key made the process burdensome since our comprehension of English was extremely poor. Eventually, my father got hired at a local carpentry company, and we were able to move to a mediocre apartment. Everything was going by…

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