What Does A Child Happen? Essay

1115 Words Dec 7th, 2015 null Page
What does a child expect in its life time? If he was raised in a respectable, stable urbanized community, with low crime and poverty rates, he would expect a respectable, stable job, a loving family, a modern car, and a new house. However it is time to face the harsh truth; not all children are raised with these privileges. The terrifying reality is if the child was raised in a ghetto or a low income, highly urbanized neighborhood with high crime and poverty rates, it would be extremely unlikely that the child would even successfully graduate high school. The most accurate picture would likely include a life of struggle, failure, and hopelessness. Sadly, this fate can befall hundreds of teenagers a day; each day a child loses their chance at a good future which can cause serious problems for society down the road. Adults today can still feel the effects of not completing high school; low socioeconomic, and the lack of guidance to youthful minds can be some of the major causes of a high drop out rate. Early intervention programs, and the emergence of common core strategies in school classrooms will lower the rate of high school dropouts. An effective solution to lowering the drop out rate would be the integration of common core strategies into after hours programs, including sports, clubs, tutoring, mentoring, and study halls. Even though this may seem like an easy fix, it is in truth far more complicated than simply creating clubs and organizations in high…

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