What Do You Know? Essay examples

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What Do You Know? My understanding of the past is so-so, I really like learning about the past it is interesting how things have changed and also how they have not changed. I know some big events and ideas, but I do not know any specific dates. My experience of learning about the past is not very in depth, but I always like learning about the past. The history classes that I’ve taken are the classes required to pass high school, which were world history, U.S. government, and U.S. history. Most of the history I know is from watching documentaries or movies. I have never had a bad experience when learning about history it always is of interest to me. My experiences have always been good because my instructors made it interesting and learning about the past is usually pretty fun for me. One of my history instructors once told me we learn about the past so that we do not make the same mistakes as others did in the past, ever since then I have been enthralled with learning about history and learning from mistakes from the past. I really enjoy learning about ancient and classical Greece and the Roman Empire. When I think of Greece in the ancient and classical eras I think about the Greek Gods, Alexander the Great, Athens and Sparta, the Greek and Persian Wars, and the creation of the olympics. When I think about the Roman Empire I think about Augustus Caesar, Rome, gladiators, slaves, the Roman military, Hannibal’s invasion, and Julius Caesar. I really enjoy learning more about…

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