What Can You Describe The Author 's Typical Heroes Or Heroines?

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How would you describe the author’s typical heroes or heroines? What makes them alike? What (internal and external) characteristics do they tend to share? I believe that the author’s typical heroes or heroines are mainly filled with some type of hope. They all seem to think that people are usually either good or bad and they feel as though there is good in most people. I think the characteristics that they tend to share is their aversion to certain types of people. I think they try to accept everyone; however, in the back of their minds they may think that they can change someone else. I also think that they are outspoken and driven by what they believe in. It doesn’t seem as if there is a lot that can change their mind.
Which hero or heroine seems most typical in light of your description? least typical? Why? I think the hero that is most typical would be Julian from the story Everything That Rises Must Converge. He wanted to change his mother’s mind so badly that he would constantly argue with her and he even watch as his mother got into situations that he thought would even change her mind about how she sees different races. His aversion to his mother and the type of person that she is drove him to let certain situations happen. I think the least typical is the grandmother from the story A Good Man Is Hard to Find. The grandmother was mostly about control and wanting people to do what she wanted all of the time. She continued to talk about how the world had changed and…

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