Heroes And Saints Analysis

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Angels in America, by Tony Kushner, and Heroes and Saints, by Cherríe Moraga, examine the essence of life through the issues of constant disease, death, and madness. In Angels in America on pages 263-267, Kushner examines death and disease through the beginning of the AIDs/HIV epidemic in America. Prior Walter, a prominent character in Angels in America, is a homosexual man who has AIDs/HIV. Through his experience, Prior receives visits from the Angel of America. Prior is summoned by the Angel with the task of stopping human progression. In the end, Prior Walter denies this duty and even express his desire for life the plague eventually will take away from him. In Heroes and Saints, Moraga demonstrates death from disease caused by pesticides, …show more content…
Prior begins his dialogue with the Angel of America, by proclaiming that humans are “not rocks—progress, migration, motion is …modernity. It’s animated, it’s what living things do” (Kushner 263-264). Prior’s comparison of humans and rocks emphasizes the idea that humans are progressive beings that move around everywhere. Humans have their own mind, which allows them to be in motion; they are “animated” beings. The language Kushner uses, “progress,” “migration,” and “motion,” illustrations human movement, more importantly, they are positive word for growth; Prior has a positive outlook on the meaning of life. Another aspect Prior mention is the idea of desire. In his statement to the Angel, he states, “We desire. Even if all we desire is stillness, it’s still desire for” (Kushner 264). Prior’s use of the word desire, shows his hope. The one thing that keeps people alive is a hope for something. Prior’s tone is pleading, he has hope but does not want it taken away. The admiration of Prior for life in this statement is important, as he continues to talk to the Angel of America and plead for more

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