What Are The Two Most Important Things You Learned? Essay

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What are the two most important things you learned? One of the most important things that I learned from reading these articles is that everyone has their own perspectives on what makes or declines us from being the greatest nation in the world. Some people look at Obamacare and our education systems and think that they are some of the best parts of our nations, whereas others feel that is the reason we are not. There are a lot of different aspects to consider in deciding whether or nation is changing for the better or worse. I also learned that a lot of reasons behind why people believe our nation is the greatest on earth is because of our Constitution and Declaration of Independence. It makes me wonder sometimes if we hold on to the thought of America being the greatest nation due to all of our achievements and milestones of the past and forget to look ahead to how our nation is changing and it’s future.
Which two statements do you agree with the most and why? One statement that I agree is about the statistics with Obamacare. I agree, that changing the way of life such as the way we eat and exercise will improve our healthcare. I have not agreed with Obamacare since day one, mandating each citizen to purchase healthcare is not going to solve all of our nations issues regarding the poor infant mortality and longevity rates. In addition, I agree with our nation having the greatest education system. People are very quick to throw numbers around to try to make our…

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