What Are The Three Branches Of Democracy

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The word of democracy is relative word that has many meaning to many people. According Greenberg and Page, democracy is when
…ordinary people want to rule themselves and are capable of doing so… democracy is the form of government that best protects human rights because it is the only one based on a recognition of the intrinsic worth and equality of human beings. Others believe that democracy is the form of government most likely to reach rational decisions because it can count on the pooled knowledge and expertise of a society’s entire population (Greenberg and Page, pg 6).
This definition of democracy will be utilized as a way to assess the three branches of government that was established by the Constitution. Although the Constitution instituted the Congress, executive, and the federal judicial branch, it was to help the government have a check and balance system and separation of powers where one section of the government cannot dominate the rest and cause tyranny. However, the Constitution is a living one where things can be revised to assemble the current time. Thus, in order to analyze which three branches is the most democratic, they must be will be evaluated to certain three criteria. The first criterion is reviewing the terms in which officials get elected and stay in office. The second measure is to examine the penalties that the officials will receive if they were to abuse their power. And finally, the third criterion is
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The people can directly vote their representative into office. Their representative can be of any background because the only limitation for Congress is to be at certain and have United States citizenship. Congress fit into Greenberg and Page interpretation of democracy because it is the voice of the people among the three branches of government. Congress fit into Greenberg and Page interpretation of

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