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JJT2 Social Responsibility
Western Governors University

Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility
Business and Society: Stakeholders, Ethics, and Public Policy (Lawrence & Weber, 2011) defines corporate social responsibility (CSR) as the way a company acts that enhances society and its inhabitants and is held accountable for its actions that affect people, their communities and their environment. Many companies now track their CSR score through the use of rating organizations and customer surveys, and publish the results in their annual reports. They recognize their investors and customers want to understand how companies are taking environmentally responsible actions.
Sunfun Company
Sunfun (name has been changed) is
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The person’s perception of a company was influenced by its CSR activities.
Sunfun has a stated commitment to providing sustainable life-cycle management of its products and having an active CSR framework. It has a number of programs in place to measure and manage its impact upon the environment. Waste management. From 2009 to 2012, waste generation decreased by approximately 50% as a result of waste treatment process enhancements (sunfun.com). Recycling. Sunfun has recycling facilities in all of its global manufacturing plants. Sunfun’s recycling process recovers up to 83% of the total material for reuse (sunfun.com). Water conservation. Sunfun’s water consumption per watt produced decreased by more than 13% from 2009 to 2012 through water conservation projects (sunfun.com).
Considerations. The environmental programs that Sunfun has put into place are targeted at its manufacturing and construction processes. It can also look at other parts of the business to enhance its environmental responsibility. Examples include office recycling programs, electronic documentation, building energy management, telecommuting programs, community cleanup projects, supplier environmental requirements, and customer product recycling services.
Recommendations. There are a number of reasons to improve Sunfun’s environmental sustainability including increasing employee morale and commitment, enhancing community relations, increasing the company’s “green” reputation and saving costs.

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