Essay on Wgu C351 Task 1

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Professional Presence & Influence
Ashley A. Lewis
Western Governors University

Florence Nightingale, considered the founder of modern nursing, first began to establish nursing as a profession during the Crimean War. Since then, nursing theorists have continued to expand on the thought that patients are made up of more than just the symptoms they present with, Abraham Maslow, Carl Jung, Dr. Larry Dossey and Dorothy Johnson, but none more so than Jean Watson. She developed a theory of human caring that contained several core concepts, these concepts lay forth the ground work for how we, as nurses, should care for a patient. These concepts included transpersonal caring relationships (going beyond ego to higher “spiritual” caring
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Currently, my professional presence is most comparable to Dr. Dossey’s Era II. I currently work at the VA hospital in their immunosuppression (HIV/AIDS) clinic. Because we act as this populations primary care clinic, they come in to see us every day for all types of symptoms, from the some seemingly minor to the major symptoms. Care of HIV patients has come a long way since the early 1980’s when it was discovered. From a lifespan of a couple years after diagnosis, to now having as long of a life span as you or I. Because of this, doctors (and their nurses) are now having to adjust their treatment plan to not only caring for the human immunodeficiency virus, to treating common ailments associated with aging (HTN, CAD, diabetes). A patient’s road to physical health is directly tied to their psychological health. As their primary nurse, I have to take the time to listen to their ailments and assess how their mental state might be playing a part in their physical state. Often times patients come in routinely with elevated blood sugars. As a nurse in Era I, I would’ve automatically treated the symptoms and tell them to decrease the amount of carbs and sugar they consume. As a nurse in Era II, I sit with the patient and discuss with them what is going on in their life. By doing this I find out that that he has not been able to work in several months and his wife’s income is not enough to keep up with the bills. It is proven

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