Unit 2 Historic Buildings Like Westminster Palace And Their Effect On Strategic Tourism

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Task 2: Historic buildings like Westminster palace and their effect on strategic tourism
A: History of Westminster palace and it’s social and economic effects
In the UK, key focus of the tourism is on the heritage. Heritage sites in UK attract the tourists all over the world. Historic sites in the UK like Westminster palace needed to be repaired and conserved from time to time. Therefore, there are various regulations are in existence for protecting the cultural heritage sites (Timothy, 2011). As per the above information, it can be said that in the UK BID is supported by the government and private sector too. These historic sites are assets for tourism development as mentioned in the above explanations. Therefore, those heritage sites are
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However, there is a threat of the conflict of the authenticity of the information always present in heritage tourism (Seba, 2011). The role of the government or the statutory body appointed for heritage sites includes conserving, registering and protecting historic and archaeological sites in the UK (Timothy, 2011). Reinstating and using heritage buildings and converting them into tourist accommodations is the recent trend in the heritage tourism. This trend is followed in many Asian countries these days to enhance the tourist’s experience of heritage tourism (Park, 2013). Heritage tourism is more complex than other forms of tourism. However, it has more positive economic impact. This is because, it helps enhance the factors causing economic stability of the country such as direct and indirect job creation, growth in the income of locals, revenue generation through the taxes on the services availed by the tourists and direct and indirect spending by the tourists (Timothy, 2011). This leads to improvement of economic conditions of the city and economic conditions of the country as a whole. The heritage sites include world heritage sites like Westminster …show more content…
Margaret church is the world heritage site. It is a face of the tourism in London for many years. Therefore, international tourists come to London to visit Westminster palace resulting into economic benefits mentioned in the above explanations. However, more efforts are needed to be taken on the promotion of this heritage site with the help of

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