Week Six Homework Essay examples

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CH 15

4: How would you identify and choose the stakeholders who should be involved in the formulation of a tourism policy for a region? Is there anyone whom you feel should be excluded from the process?

For starters, I would look at my native population of my area and make sure they’re in on my decision making to what we would do to the environment. I’ll so this mainly due to most of them still reside there, which means they have a vested interest to keep their country beautiful and productive. With that said, all my representative working on a solution would live and have strong ties and family to the area as well. I would also attempt to include businesses, to help with input in having a say in the tourism policy, since they
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Basically, policies & procedures allow management to guide operations without constant management intervention. So it’s very important. As noted in our book a vision can range from anywhere to five to over fifty years, as well as separated into several implementation levels, starting with the preamble, followed by the core vision, and the elements of the vision. It should also be noted that vision of change can really affect many. So the questions become who profits from the change.

13: Implementation of policy recommendations is often a problem. What do you see as the major barriers to the implementation of policy? Why do they exist? How might these barriers be overcome?

Let me begin by saying that the need for Tourism policy is actually very important. Since each country's tourism policy list provisions for who may enter the country and how long there stay can last. When it comes to the US a foreigner's stay can last for up to 6 months, if working or a student here. However in Ireland it is only 3 months. In the 1920's through the 1980's traveling to Europe was the "it" vacation since they money exchange was so cheap. However now that the Euro has surpassed the American dollar traveling there is no longer in expensive, and now Europeans seem to be traveling here. So yes, there are several barriers to policy

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