Effects Of Shortening The Work Week

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How often have you heard someone complaining about the week being too long? How many times have you been that person? Think about a world where you only had to go to work or go to school four days a week. Now days people working a 50 or 60 hour week is nothing new to the everyday worker. Everyone is worries about for their families. By shortening the work week the health of the American workers could be increased. A four day work week also has the potential to help soften the effects of the horrible economy that we are in. with implementing such a plan the carbon footprint that Americans are leaving has a chance to be decreased. Another problem the US is now facing is an increase in people who can’t stop working. And a simple decrease …show more content…
Some business owners say they can’t afford to shut down their places of employment for the fear of losing money. Other people against it don’t like the chance of a pay cuts. There are many ways to create solutions for these problems. For not wanting to be shut down for an extra day companies could simply come up with a plan that had workers switching between their days off. For example, one person could work Monday through Thursday, and you could also have another person work Tuesday to Friday. One man who owns his own business chose to shorten his working hours. He allowed his workers to choose when they wanted to take their one extra day off. By doing this he saw an increased in their work and was not forced to lose any profits from being closed one extra day a week. This way the companies wouldn’t be shortening their production time. And the pay cuts workers need to realize that sometimes a pay cut is better than losing their job. Because most companies that switched to a four day work week did so in order to prevent having to lay off their workers. They divided up work hours in order to stop layoffs and ended up creating more jobs. Who wants to lose a valuable work day or even lose some of their paycheck? So after reading this I hope you agree with me that it’s a good idea to have an extra day off from work or

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