Essay about Wedding Speech : Miss America Competition

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One major function that needed a crucial amount of press clippings was 96th Miss America Competition. Miss America is one of SLATE’s big clients and was a major event of the year. Savvy Shields, a college student from Arkansas won this noteworthy competition. She won by impressing judges with a jazz dance and her answer about the upcoming presidential election. What blew the judges away was out of the seven finalists, she very efficiently answered controversial questions in a matter of twenty seconds. She selected the quote “eat better, live better” as the mantra of her campaign. Shield’s wanted to be a role model to her fans that greatly supported her. A big component of the press clippings was from the live two-hour ABC broadcast from Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Shield’s wore a black strapless dress and she was crowned by the past winner, Betty Cantrell. The judges were of impressive backgrounds, including singer Ciara and they scored contestants from ages eighteen to twenty-four based on personal interviews, appearances in dresses and swimsuits, a live question segment, and most importantly, talent. Common performances of the finalists were music, dancing, and even baton-twirling which is a pageant classic. The winner won a six-figure salary and expenses for the year and a $50,000 scholarship. Sheild’s became a lucky woman indeed that night. One milestone of this campaign that was of that stood out in the competition, other than the winner was, Missouri’s…

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